Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Life

So, it has been months since I have found the time to sit down and write. 
Our Life has been Crazy! 
Honestly, with school, church, family, and friends we have been going non-stop since December. The months are flying by because of school. Attached are some of the projects I have had this semester. They are really pushing us, but I can honestly say I am loving it. Maybe not loving it 100% of the time, but for the majority it is so fun. This semester has been focused on 3D design. We have built things out of foam core, cooper wire, cardboard, and now paper. Each project seems a little crazy at the beginning, but I just keep reminding myself after this semester I will be drafting, messing with textiles, learning how to make homes beautiful, and that really excites me!
Something really exciting happened a couple of weeks ago. I had two pieces of my design work featured in a design fair held at UCO. One project was from last semester, It was a poster we had to make from found images. We could not use the computer at all. We had to cut letters and pictures out of books and put them together to make a poster. I designed a poster about Human Trafficking. Then, the other project that was featured was one that is in the pictures. It is a bug made out of foam core. Something that took a lot of time, and help from Brandon (He has been so good this semester! I am so blessed to have him!!!).  

Last month Jeremy and Sarah came into town for a baby shower! :) I took some tummy pics, so they will be on here too! In 9 days I should be an aunt! WooHoo!

So, let's just say are March isn't going to slow down anytime soon. This week my parents celebrated their 25 wedding anniversary. Today Brandon's brother is getting married. And in 9 days our family be growing again when baby Jace is born. This week is spring break, so maybe I will have some time to crank up my sewing machine and relax.