Our Love Story

Our Story:
First Comes Love...

Mr. Armstrong and I met five years ago when my family was working OSU sporting events for Express Personnel. I was still in high-school and wearing that over-sized-yellow-jacket was the last thing I wanted to do. Brandon was in college working for the athletic department at the time, and I remember my mother telling me about him the night she met him.
I remember thinking Brandon would never fall for a girl like me. I was a little senior in high school and he was this hot-college-guy that I thought was way out of my league. Little did I know that God was waking him up at night with me on his mind.

Seeing each other randomly went on for a couple of years. In May of 2008 I starting working at the wellness center on OSU's campus. One May afternoon I remember sitting at the desk scanning IDs when Brandon came walking into my life once again.

The next week we ran into each other at the pool. I remember laying out in my chair about 10 feet away from him pretending that I hadn't noticed him. My hair was curly and we were both wearing brown swimsuits: it-was-meant-to-be. The next couple of weeks consisted of tons of Facebook messaging back and forth, until I finally gave Brandon my phone number (He was being a slow poke)!

I was in American Eagle (with my back then room-mate and now sister-n-law) when my phone rang and Brandon was on the other side. June 16th 2008 Brandon knocked on my door and took me on our first date. Chili's and Marble Slab: where I drank 1,000 cups of water and ate way-to-much-ice-cream.

The next 5 months were full of fun, concerts, trips to meet families, first kisses, and I love you's.

Until: Novermeber 30th 2008 when he got down on one knee on a cold night in Oklahoma City and asked me to be his bride. I said yes! and the wedding planning began.

Then Came Marriage...

We knew that we didn't want "the-normal-wedding"... so we packed our bags and headed to Destin Florida. Our rehearsal dinner consisted of no rehearsing and grilling burgers on the grill.

June 5th 2009 I woke up as Megan Hefner. I walked down the board walk to find my future husband sitting in a chair on the beach taking in the last hours of being a single man. It was a beautiful morning that brought on an even more beautiful day of hanging out on the beach with family and friends.
At 7:00PM my daddy lead me down that board walk one last time. Hand-in-hand we made that long journey down to the beach where he gave me away to the man of my dreams. It was a beautiful night: perfect weather, perfect spot, perfect everything. That night I became Mrs. Armstrong.

Then Came A Baby...

Now there are 3. April 4th, 2011 our family of two became a family of three at 12:55PM when Alivia Nicole Armstrong was put on my chest for the first time. After 9 months, 30 hours of hard labor, and after exhaustion had set in we became a Mom and Dad.

She has come into our lives and turned it upside down and we couldn't be more happy. She is our Missy Bear, our brown-haired-blue-eyed little girl, our sweet smiler. She is our world.


By no means is our world perfect. It's imperfections is what make it beautiful. We fight, we make up, we ask for forgiveness daily, and we love each other one day at a time. The past two years have been better than I ever imagined, and I can't wait for more dreams to come true, more love, more babies, and more years married to my beloved, my hero, my Papa Bear, my hunk, my #2, Mr. Armstrong.