Sunday, July 18, 2010


So, it has happened.. I have become a dreamer. 

I am not sure if it happened because of my amazing dreamer of a husband OR all of the spare time I have at work when my babies are sleeping, but it has happened. The past week I have found myself dreaming more than ever. 

God has been shaking Brandon and I's worl
d. He has been working in our hearts and changing our desires. He has been bringing  new people, new desires, new loves into our home.
Something is happening. 
Many things are happening.
God sized dreams are happening.

This week I got to work from home. The whole summer I have wondered what I would do if I could work from home. I thought I would spend my time doing laundry, cleaning, reading books, cooking, and of course taking care of Kayden (the 2 month old boy I watch during 
the week). Well.. just coming home from 5 days in Durant lets just say the laundry was overflowing, the house was dirty, and the fridge was empty. -And I did none of the housework during the day. 

I spent my time sewing. A couple weeks ago my sister-in-law Sarah turned 22! I decided I was going to make her an apron. Well, I did, and I fell in love with sewing all over again. This week I made afew aprons. The creative juices were flowing and I felt like I honestly couldn't stop. Brandon probably thought I was crazy.. talking about buttons, bows, flowers, prints, hems, straps, ruffles...etc. I couldn't stop, and I am not going to. I am starting my next one today :) if Brandon allows... 

Below are a few pics of the 2 of the Aprons I have made. Sarah's is not posted.. hopefully soon I will get a picture of her wearing it! Let me know what you think!!