Thursday, June 30, 2011


After my sweet friend read my blog on Monday Morning she sent me a few words of advice. She had read an article about Jillian Michaels and this is what it said:

What advice do women always ask you for? Jillian's answer: "They get caught on plateaus. In that case what you need to do is give yourself a couple of days rest and bump up your calories by 10 percent. When you lose weight quickly, your body often responds by releasing hormones to increase your appetite and store more fat. That's a survival instinct meant to help us conserve duel during times of famine. You can outsmart it by eating a little more and resting. That usually helps jump start your metabolism again."

The next day while strolling the isles of our local Wal Small-mart I picked up a Fitness magazine and found the article she had referred too, and believe me it works! After a 10-day-discouraging-plateau the last 2 mornings I have seen negatives on the scale!


I guess Jillian really does know what she is talking about.

Take some advice today.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Letter to the Mr.

Dear Mr. Armstrong: thank you so much for making me a better person, for forgiving me every time I fail, for looking past the dirty floors and toilets and choosing to lay on the floor and play with your two-blue-eyed-brown-haired-girls, and for sharing your love with our little family.

thank you for surprising me with flowers, cooking me dinner, making me do push-ups, and for allowing me to check the mail everyday: you know my love of retrieving letters from our little metal box.

thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone, believing in me, encouraging me, and painting my toe nails.

thank you for asking me out, marrying me, making out with me, have a baby with me, and spending your future with me.

thank you for driving a big-box-truck-that-smells-like-coffee around everyday so I can stay home and poor love into our baby girl, for folding the laundry, taking out the trash, making the bed, buying me probably too much ice cream, and for holding my hand.

Mr. Armstrong: today I am thankful for you. Keep being an amazing husband and father.

Love your: one-and-only,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Running Partners

If you read this blog, I am sure you saw this picture last Friday, but I also wanted to share it again. Today I wanted to express how important it is to find a good running partner. For me, running is not near as hard when I have someone there to push me.

Little-Miss-Thing has been my running partner lately, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Even though she falls asleep almost every time we hit the road she is the encouragement I need. I couldn't imagine running without her and her daddy.

Find a running partner today.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Will

Four weeks after I had Alivia we purchased a scale at Wal-Mart. I am the kind of person that needs to know how much I weigh, I need to see results each week to know that progress is being made.

Well, for ten days now I have seen no results on my scale. ZERO. I have had a little change due to water weight, but no real progress. I keep flirting with the 160lb line. My body can't shake it. I knew the day would come when I would hit a wall, but I never imagined it would be this early on in my weight-loss-journey.

A stall on the scale isn't going to stop me though. It didn't stop me from hitting the pavement in 25mph gusts of wind this morning, and it won't stop me tomorrow if it hasn't changed. I will keep pushing on. One mile, one pound, and one calorie at a time.

Keep pushing today.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I often find myself wondering what it would be like if we hadn't moved to Perry, Oklahoma. It is hard to believe that we moved here 6 months ago. This little town has become our home. We love it here. Don't get me wrong, there are days we wish we were closer to the "big town", but for the most part we enjoy spending our Friday nights strolling around our local Wal Small-mart.

I is hard to imagine our lives without the people we have met and the friends we have made here.

2 years ago I met this rock-star-of-a-lady. Before moving here Janelle Keith was just the lady I heard on the radio. Now, she is a woman that I have come to know and love. First off she is hilarious. Always putting a smile on our faces. Secondly, she has the kindest heart of anyone I have ever met.

She is loved. By many, even if she doesn't realize it! Today I am asking you to go check out her blog. Later this year Janelle is getting on a plane and heading to Swaziland, Africa to share some of God's love and her love with the littles there. Her experience is going to rock-her-world and I can't wait to hear all about it.

I hope her story encourages you to share love today. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last night Brandon, Alivia, 2 good friends of ours, and I stepped out on the track around the high school football field. Brandon had developed this out-of-this-world-workout that would have kicked my butt big time.

It was my turn to step up to the line and take off on my first sprint. As fast as I took off I stopped even faster. I had an intense pain in both of my quads. Pain I couldn't run through, and at first couldn't walk through.

After doing stretches I realized that I wasn't going to be able to participate in the workout, I could barely jog around the track without having to stop. Little girl and I pushed through and jogged 1.5 miles around the track, but it was slow, steady, and painful.

I am taking it easy today, and trying not to get too discouraged with my body. We are hoping that I am just sore from using muscles I haven't used in a really long time.

Recover today.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is the first-day-of-summer. I think it is interesting because after the beautiful rainstorm we had last night we finally cooled off here in Perry, and this morning when I stepped outside to let Manny out it felt like Spring. I wasn't going to run at all, because we are planning on doing some sprints at the track tonight when Bran gets home, but after feeling the cool breeze I laced up my shoes, and packed Alivia up and we were out the door before we knew it.

I am excited for what this summer is going to bring. The adventures the three of us are going to go on, the time spent soaking up the sunshine, loving on each other, growing closer as a family, and spending precious time with friends.

What are your summer plans?

Get ready for Summer today.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Change of Plans

Well, this morning when my little girl decided to get up at 6:00AM I got out of bed excited for my run. My excitement shortly turned to sadness when I heard the wind blowing from inside the house.

Storms are rolling into Oklahoma again. The wind is blowing like 30 miles per hour, and it was 80 degrees and super humid by six-o-clock. Horrible running conditions. Brandon convinced me to make today my cross training day and run my first 4-miles-straight later this week. (Maybe tomorrow when the high is only 92 instead of 100)!

So, when Papa Bear gets home with are going to do some Plyometrics and Ab Ripper X. P90X-how-I-love-you.

Good News: Last night the Armstrong's registered for the Dallas-White-Rock-Half-Marathon. There is no turning back now. So, in 166 days I will be completing my second half marathon with my husband/trainer/chef/security guard/provider by my side. I am such a lucky woman!

Be willing to change your plans today.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa's Day

Our little girl gave her papa a great Father's day present. She slept for eight-hours-straight last night. It was wonderful. Mom on the other hand woke up twice during the night. I kept getting up to check on our little sleeper. Sometime I feel like a weird-o. All I wanted was for her to sleep and when she finally does I wake up to check on her. Explain that?

After getting out of bed we ran to living room to find two-wrapped-gifts waiting to be opened by Mr. Armstrong. After getting through the packing tape and wrapping paper Papa discovered his first-father's-day-present: A weed-eater and a new pair of Jack Purcell shoes. What could be better than that?

Today I am truly blessed by the Father's in my life. I always knew Brandon would make a great daddy and each day he displays the perfect love a father has for a daughter. I am so thankful I get to watch their relationship grow. It is beautiful.

My daddy-o is probably having the-best-father's-day-ever! As I type I am listening to another great Dad, my brother Jeremy pitch in Colorado Springs. Right now my Dad and Mom are sitting in the stands cheering him on, and hopefully enjoying a 50 cent hot dog they keep talking about! Grams decided to surprise Gramps with a quick trip to see Jeremy. What an awesome 25th Father's day present!

I hope everyone enjoys their: Father/Dad/Papa/Daddy-o's day.

Celebrate your Dad today.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mind Games

So when I hit the pavement by myself I battle with a lot of thoughts. When I hit my physical wall it is so easy to stop, walk, and head home. I don't push myself through the pain. I don't run through the uncomfortable position I put myself in. I stop. I play mind games with myself.

But, when I hit the pavement with Mr. Armstrong everything-is-so-different. I run faster, longer, and feel much stronger. Why is that? He holds me accountable. He encourages me without saying a word. I don't want to stop. I want to to push through what is uncomfortable.

I know I have to conquer this, but how?

Next week the mileage is going to increase! Each time I go out I would like to run 3 miles. Next weekend the goal is to bump the long run up to 4 miles.

Quit the Mind games today.

Friday, June 17, 2011

One Month Update: Mission-Get-My-Body-Back

Well, today is June 17th. That means it has been one-whole-month since I laced up my running shoes for the first time and started mission-get-my-body-back 6 weeks after having my beautiful baby girl.

A lot has happened in this month. We have revised our weekly menu, trying to make it more healthy. From our menu we have cut store bought chicken strips, mac-n-cheese, instant mashed potatoes and frozen pizzas. Instead of having store bought chicken strips and mac-n-cheese for dinner every Monday night we have replaced it with homemade almond chicken strips and homemade sweet potato fries (our absolute-favorite-meal-of-the-week). Instead of the frozen pizza we now make a chicken-blackbean-corn-BBQ pizza that is-to-die-for.

For breakfast every morning I have a Raspberry-Banana-Strawberry-Almond smoothie that equals 285calories. For lunch I usually have a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, an apple, and the newest addition to my lunch menu: a chocolate Vitatop muffin that my cousin Brandi introduced to me this week. You can find them at your local Walmart or Target and they will change your life. They are 100-calories-of-complete-goodness!

Of course we snack, this week has been the worst. We made homemade ice cream last Saturday, and I would be lying if I said we haven't had a bowl every night this week. Thank goodness we finished it off last night so I can get back on track!

One month ago today I started running and I could barely run 5 minutes straight. Last weekend we ran 38 minutes straight, we ran 3.1 miles: a 5K. I run at least 3 times a week, and fill the other days with Jillian's 30 Day Shred and P90X videos.

On May 17th I weighed in at 169lbs. This morning I stepped on the scale weighing in at 160lbs. I didn't quite reach my goal for the month. I wanted to lose 10lbs by this morning, but I know I just need to keep up the hard work. 9lbs down 25 to go.
My goal to weigh 135lbs and run a marathon seems so far away, but I know I can get there. One of the many things I have learned this month: its going to take a lot hard work. In the end it will be totally worth it!

Keep your eye on the goal today!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This Thursday I am linking up with Gussy and her inspiration workshop! Today's prompt: Green.

This little girl in her yellow-green dress is what inspires me:
She inspires me to be a better woman, wife, and mother.
She inspires me to be a more fit woman, wife, and mother.
She inspires me to be a more creative woman, wife, andmother.
She inspires me to better myself everyday to provide her with the life she deserves.
Ms. Alivia Nicole inspires me.

What inspires you today?

*Come back tomorrow to hear all about my progress on my: mission-get-my-body-back! It has been one whole month! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, I guess my little girl is going to be an early-riser this week. We were up at 5:00 this morning!

In her defense she felll asleep on our run last night around 7:00, and during the night she slept six hours straight!!! She is getting so big.

So after playing in the floor for a few hours, eating breakfast, and cuddling: we both went down for a nap. Unlike yesterday I only achieved one thing before 8:00AM this morning. I put one load of laundry in the washer and as of right now (10:30) it is still sitting in the washer waiting for me to switch it over.

I did however enjoy the best-two-hour-nap I have ever had. I feel like I got another night of sleep!

Get a nap in today. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

By 8:00 AM

There was an early wake up call at the Armstrong house this morning when little princess woke up at 5:40AM. She slept good last night, but not quite long enough for momma this morning!

By 8:00AM I:

Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. Our-house-is-an-absolute-disaster.

Worked Out: The wind was out-of-control this morning so I decided to wait on the run, maybe Mr. Armstrong with go with me tonight: I always do better when he is with me anyways. Instead Alivia and I spread out on the floor and did Ab Ripper X. The P90X ab workout. Talk about awesome torture. A couple weeks of that and I am sure to see a difference in my flabby belly!

Baked: Yesterday while visiting Alivia's Great Grandma in Oklahoma City my cousin Brandi talked about making these. Peanut Butter Cookies are my husband's favorite. So, I decided to give this recipe a try, and they are a-mazing! I had to give them a try. They are so easy and taste so extra peanut-buttery.

Put my baby girl down for a nap. She is snoozing away in her swing as I type.

and last but not least..

Wrapped Papa Bear's first Father's Day presents. Alivia and I are so excited for Sunday morning!

It has been a great morning. The only bad thing is that italready  feels like it is noon. It could be a long day.

Be productive today.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Trip

All last week Alivia and I were in AZ spending time with the Hefner's. Our trip was absolutely wonderful. The best part about it was that we didn't do much at all. The days went slow and the nights fast. I so much enjoyed spending time with my family.

The traveling side of the trip was a success. Alivia was a rock star on the air planes, and Momma Bear only had a couple breakdowns along the way. On the way home we ran into a few stumbling blocks when I checked in at Phoenix and they informed me that I couldn't check my stroller at the plane, I had to check it then because of it's weight. I had visions of carrying my child, the car seat, and our carry on bag across one of the world's largest airports (DFW) and they were haunting. I must have looked so helpless because there were several people along the way that blessed us more than they know with their help.

Sarah and I spent a lot of time together on this trip. While Jeremy was working we: talked all through nap time, ran, splashed at the pool, tried on clothes with two fussy kiddos, and loved on each other. She has such an encouraging spirit and I had a blast spending the week catching up and learning all about her crazy role as a baseball wife.

I am so thankful that Sarah and Jace shared my big brother with me on one of his very few off days he has during the season. Although Jeremy had to participate in a golf tournament early in the morning on Wednesday that afternoon was great. Probably my favorite day of the trip. The 5 of us just lounging around the apartment, staying out of the AZ heat: napping, talking, and ending the night with a skype session with Grams and Gramps. Thank goodness for technology!

Thursday was also an awesome day! After a quick picture session of the kiddos we took Uncle Jeremy to the baseball field. Alivia got to watch her Uncle pitch for the very-first-time, and to my surprise she was awake the whole time. She didn't want to miss a single pitch. He ended up pitching the best game of the season. Talk about a proud sister sitting in the stands!

Friday morning was so bittersweet. Telling that little family goodbye was probably the hardest thing I have had to do in awhile. Turning around at security and seeing the most-adorable 14 month baby boy waving goodbye to us broke my heart into a million pieces. It brings tears to my eyes just remembering now looking back and seeing them standing there.

Friday as we jumped into the car with Gramps at the airport I began getting butterflies in my stomach. The thought of seeing my husband made me nervous and excited. We missed him so much. When we pulled up to the house and he was waiting on the front porch and I fell in love all over again with my handsome #2.

It was a beautiful trip.

Plan a trip today.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday on our way to this wedding, Brandon and I talked about a goal for my running this month. I had been doing pretty good with walking/running combo, but I wanted to set a high goal for myself.

My goal: to run a 5K without stopping by July 1st. This morning I set out with the goal of running for 30 minutes straight. I knew if we accomplished this I would have ran over 2 miles and I would have been extremely happy with meeting this daily goal.

When we got to mile 2 I really started feeling good. My body got louse, I was standing up straight, and my stride was very comfortable. As we approached 30 mins I knew I couldn't stop, so we pushed through.

Brandon, Alivia, and I ran 38 minutes straight this morning. Accomplishing not only the goal I set for myself today, but also accomplishing my June goal. We ran a total of 3.12 miles: A 5K. I guess I need to set a new goal for the end of June.

Challenge yourself today.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, with Alivia and I traveling last week I took a small break from blogging, but I am back! My little girl and I got back in town yesterday afternoon, and the best thing in the world was waiting on our front step: Brandon Armstrong.

Although Friday was such a bittersweet day, I am so excited to be home with Mr. Armstrong. He was missed more than he knows.

I am feeling a little rusty with this blog thing, I feel out of practice. This upcoming week is going to involve a lot of routine-getting-back-in-to.

Come back Monday to read all about my journey to AZ, there will tons of great pictures to enjoy!

Start enjoying the rest of your weekend today.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Made It

Well, yesterday was a success. Alivia and I tackled the airports together and she was more than a champ! She pretty much slept through both flights. I think she enjoyed the roar of the big engine. She was  a big hit, and everyone kept telling her how good she was! I was a proud Momma Bear.

Walking off the elevator in Phoenix I was SO excited to see the Hefner's. My big brother was completely surprised, and to see smiles on Jace and Sarah's face was priceless!

I am beyond thankful for Mr. Armstrong and his hard work. He is the one that works hard so his little girl and I can do things like this. He is being missed terribly right now by his two brown-haired-blue-eyed girls.

After hitting the gym with Sarah this morning, and taking Jeremy to the field, Sarah and I packed up the kiddos and headed the pool. What a beautiful day in Tucson.

Spend time with family today.

Monday, June 6, 2011


(we desperately need to take a currant picture)

This morning Alivia and I are grabbing our suitcase, kissing papa bear goodbye, and hopping in the car with Grams to head to the airport. Yes, that's right, the airport! My 9 week old baby girl and I are getting on an airplane all by ourselves to surprise Uncle Jeremy in Arizona!

He has no idea that we are coming. Sarah, Jace, Alivia, and I have been planning this trip for almost a month now. I have never been so excited to see my brother. He hasn't had the opportunity to meet Little-Miss-Alivia and I can't wait to see him hold her!

I am so looking forward spending a few days with that awesome-family-of-three.
I can't wait to hug my brother, hang out with Sarah, and play with my favorite nephew: Mr. Jacer!

This trip is going to be so bittersweet. Papa Bear can't go with us because of work, but he is in our hearts as always. I know he will miss me and his little peanut more than he can describe, and believe me we will miss him too.

By the time you are reading this I will be in Arizona, walking off the airplane to surprise my big brother! Call me crazy for taking on this huge adventure by myself! I have been calling myself that since the day I booked our tickets! Hopefully everything went smoothly and my little angel slept through both flights! I'll let you know tomorrow!

Surprise someone today. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today is the day after my baby turned 2-months-old and today is my 2-year-anniversary. In honor of all of the 2's happening in our life this weekend we ran 2-miles-straight yesterday. It was a great way to celebrate!

Also in honor of today I added yet another page at the top of the blog. It is called "Our Love Story". I wanted to share with you how Mr. Armstrong and I met, fell in love, got married, and started a family. It's a short story, but I am pretty fond of it.

I am so thankful for the man that has stuck with me for 2-whole years.

Celebrate today.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Morning & Give-A-Way Winner

This Saturday morning my two-month-old baby-girl (can you believe that??), her Papa bear, and I set out on a jog with our brand-spankin-new jogging stroller. It was a beautiful Oklahoma morning, with a slit breeze that was very refreshing!

This Saturday morning I found myself wondering if it will always take me four times longer than usual to clean a room now that I have a baby or is it something that will pass with time.

This Saturday morning I received a special package in the mail! FABRIC for me to start making aprons again. I am way beyond pumped for this! I ordered the fabric from here, and it is so beautiful. A lucky reader will be winning an apron in the near future!

This Saturday morning I would like to celebrate with Mrs. Kali Bell for winning the Strawberry Dot headband from Gussy Sews in yesterday's give-a-way!!

Enjoy your Saturday today.

Friday, June 3, 2011

First Friday Give-A-Way

Happy June Everyone!

Today is the first friday in June, which means: A Give-A-Way! Today the giveaway comes from one of my favorite blogs/shops Gussy Sews. I have mention Maggie's blog before. Her story is amazing, click here to read about her and her husband Zack's story. She rocks!

Today I want to give-a-way this:
Image of Strawberry dot headband

It's the adorable: Strawberry Dot Headband - Ruffles for your hair!

Just leave a comment about what/where/who you would wear this handband with! I know I would probably wear it everyday :). The Give-A-Way ends today @ Midnight! Winner will be announced Saturday!!

Facebook comments can win this give-a-way, but if you comment on my blog your name goes into the drawing twice! *Also remember if you become my follower this week and you comment on this post  you also get entered twice!*

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Handmade Aprons

Today I'm linking up with Gussy Sews, inspiration workshop and the first prompt is HANDMADE (see here if you would like to join!)
My heart desires to sew. All day, I dream of things I could make. One day, I know I will start up my sewing machine again and begin creating. One day, I know I will teach my little girl to sew. One day, when things aren't as crazy... will that ever happen??
One of my favorite things to make are aprons.. Last summer I began making aprons and I developed a passion for making them. Here two of the aprons I made:
These are my handmade aprons.

Make something today.

*Come back tomorrow for a chance to win an item from here! Reminder, follow me this week and you will be entered into the drawing twice if you come back tomorrow and comment!

New Page

Yesterday I was honored in writing a blog for one of my sister-n-law's blogs. The blog I was featured on is about her experiences as she trains for her first Full Marathon that she is running in December. Go check her out here! It's awesome stuff!

Also, I added a new page at the top of my blog. It is called: Mission-Get-My-Body-Back. If you linked over to Sarah's blog you probably already read the entry you will find if you click on the link, but this page is where I am going to keep all of my weight loss journey in one place, easy to find, easy to read!

Come back later today to see the new thing I will we doing on Thursday!

See you later today.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Tell me this: How can we go from waking up once during the night to waking up every hour of the night?

Last night was not a good night for Missy Bear and her Momma. It was rough, long, and full of getting up way -too-many-times. This is the second time this week that Alivia has done this. She is not waking up to eat, all it takes is a few minutes walking around our room and she passed out once again.

There are some plus sides to getting up 8 times during the night: I get extra snuggle time with her, and we watched almost the whole Season 2 of Dawson's Creek.

I am hoping for some major naps today.

Take a nap today.