Monday, January 10, 2011


Cheers to another big week in the Armstrong household. This week it is my world changing though. Brandon is in week #2 of his new job. He is still in the process of learning everything there is to know about Henderson Coffee Company. His first three days that he had last week went well. They were long days, but good ones.

For me this week means back-to-school. My semester starts tomorrow. I am only enrolled in 6 credit hours because of the arrival of Ms. Alivia at the end of the semester. Hopefully meetings with my professors will go good, and they will support me in the decisions I have to make with trying to wrap the semester up early.

There is a huge battle going on inside me. I am excited about school. I am excited about the new challenges that I get to face, and the opportunity I get to figure out those challenges and improve as a designer. I am however, not-so-excited about late nights, long projects, and the 45 min commute twice a week (all during my third trimester of pregnancy). This could be interesting.

Anticipate tomorrow today.

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