Thursday, January 27, 2011

What she sees-His World

From the time that Alivia is born to the day she steps out of our house on her own, I feel as though I owe her every ounce of effort that I can display of what and how a man should treat her. Megan and I (well mostly Megan at this point, but I get a few glimpses in here and there) are reading a book right now called "Bringing up Girls" by Dr. James Dobson. It is sad how many young girls are being brought up in supposed good parent situations but yet are not being led the way they should and in most cases desire. So below is a list of things that I am committing to doing in order that Alivia gain good standards of Men...(boys).

1. Constantly tell Megan I love you
2. Open the door for Megan and Alivia
3. Openly pray with my family
4. Ask Megan on dates
5. Ask Alivia on dates (not by text either)
6. Take my family to church
7. Talk about marriage verses co-habitating
8. Teach her good music (I wonder if she will like folk-rock)
9. Bring Megan flowers (for no reason)
10. Teach Alivia to say NO!!
11. Talk to her about a broken heart
12. Talk to her about breaking hearts
13. Boys come to the front door, not honk from the car
14. Convince Alivia's boyfriends I am a "Chuck Norris" Blackbelt in everything
15. Teach her about alcohol, good vs. bad
16. Let her know that Megan and I will always be together and there for her
17. God has a special plan for her!
18. She is beautiful, no matter what others say
19. She has the worlds best mom, and hottest!!
20. She can do anything she desires with faith!!

be proactive today

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  1. When you write the blog it makes me want to make out with you :) Hope you are okay with that! Love you bear!