Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, things are coming together. Slowly-but-surely. I am beginning to feel like Alivia's room will be done before her grand arrival. More and more things are getting checked off the to-do-list. All of the painting is done in the room, we just have a few pieces of furniture that need some work. The goal is to have all of the shelves painted by this weekend so there can be something hanging on the walls (even if they are just empty shelves).

Time is moving in fast motion. We can hardly believe that her due date is in 46 days. We only have 6 more trips to see Dr. K. Every weekend from now until April 9th we have plans, it doesn't look like time is going to slow down any at all....

I was wondering. What exactly are you supposed to pack in your bag for the hospital? No one has told me these things yet. Hopefully I can fit that into the schedule here pretty soon, and get another BIG check off of my list!

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  1. oh my! 46 days!?!? Coming fast for sure :)

    My doctor gave me a packet that had a checklist for the hospital... So I am sure you will get one too! I will message you what I remember taking & what I wish I would have brought!

    Jace & I say hi today & we love aunt megan!