Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is this what it looks like?-His World

The other day I was cleaning some stuff out of our refrigerator. Not sure how long some of it had been there but there was one item I knew what it was. It was a small remainder of canned chili we had used to put on baked potatoes. As I was cleaning out the plastic container I thought for a second and then asked Megan, "Is this what it looks like?" You probably know what I am talking about.

Lately I have been finding things that I feel I probably really should know or have some kind of grasp on before Alivia arrives. We had the opportunity the other day to go to an infant eating class(which once again I was the only male in the room), we watched a video that showed proper techniques(which why would you have a DVD copy of an informative video that is 20 years old, time to update).

I started having several questions for Megan about the food and why you feed them this and what does it look like and when do they eat solids. Probably a good time to start learning, only 7 weeks away.

Learn new things today!!

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