Friday, March 11, 2011


Everyone has been asking me if I have started nesting yet. They always ask me if I have started cleaning and organizing the house for our little girls arrival. Until yesterday my answer was always something like this: I think about cleaning a lot, but I never put my thoughts into action.

Well, yesterday I cleaned for a good 6 hours. I scrubbed bath tubs, finally picked up that pile of clothes left over from Sunday, cleaned the kitchen, mopped everything room in the house that requires it, and vacuumed my little heart (and back) out.

That's right. After my marathon of cleaning I could barely walk. My lower back was so tight I couldn't even stand completely upright. There are perks to experiencing such back pain.. My husband gave me a wonderful back massage, and I think our childbirth class instructor would be proud of us for practicing massaging for labor!

Who knows if I was nesting or just cleaning the dirtiest house on the block. Time will only tell. 29 days.

Give/Get a massage today.

*Brandon and I are going out of town for the weekend. Come back Monday when we get back in the swing of things! Happy weekend everyone!

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