Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today Alivia and I went to Stillwater by ourselves for the first time! We were meeting Papa Bear, Grams, and Gramps for lunch at 11:30, so we were on a time frame. Well, Momma over-slept-big-time.

Despite the fact that I over slept for 2 hours: I still got in a quick shower before my little sunshine woke up. After the shower I went to go check on Liv and my beautiful blue-eyed-baby-girl was laying in her pack-n-play wide eyed with a little smile on her face.

The long nights, dirty diapers, crying, and everything else that seems not-so-fun about bringing this little bundle of joy home completely disappears when I make eye contact with the sweetest girl in the world. I love being her Momma Bear.

Make eye-contact today.

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