Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Headed home with our purple bow and dress on- 2:00PM Tuesday April 5th.

Well, we survived night #1. I would be lying if I said it went prefect and the night ended with no tears from mom, but I will say this experience has been very rewarding so far, and I never truly realized how strong of a person I could be. I am so thankful for my baby girl. Making eye contact with her brings me so much joy. Smelling her, cuddling her, changing her, feeding her... everything is 100%-better than I ever thought it could be. Above all of those things the only other thing that brings me more joy than that is watching Brandon get to know his daughter. I see more love in his eyes when he is looking at her than I have ever seen from him. I am so proud of the man that he is, and the help that he has already given. She already has him wrapped around her little finger.
Thrive today.

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  1. she is PERFECT more beautiful than i could have imagined!! congrats to you and your amazing husband, i a so glad we both have men that truely love us!