Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Truth

Truth: Yesterday I spent several hours with my nails painted on just one hand.
Truth: There are more clothes in my laundry basket and on my floor than hanging in my closet right now.
Truth: Yesterday's dishes from lunch are still sitting on the coffee table.
Truth: I haven't swept the kitchen floor in over a week.
Truth: Our bathroom is so dirty I don't want to go in it at all.
Truth: I am wearing a hat for the second day in row.
Truth: I feel like I haven't been out of PJ's in 2 days.
Truth: My life is crazy busy and I don't leave the walls of this house.
Truth: I left my baby girl home with her Papa Bear for the first time yesterday. I called after being gone for 10 minutes to make sure they were okay.

My truth is: haunting-some-days, but most days it is so joyful. My truth is: I have a beautiful-family, a wonderful-house, and a life that is better than I ever imagined. My truth is: my muscles are hurting for the first time in months, and I love the feeling.

Embrace your truth today.

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