Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Love

Our weekend was full of love, sundresses, good food, and a naked baby.

We spent so much time together, loving on each other and Ms. Alivia Nicole. Saturday was so great. We worked in the garden, took a walk, ate an a-mazing dinner prepared by Mr. Armstrong, and watched a mid-day-movie.

My 1st Mother's Day was absolutely perfect! I was awakened by the cries of a beautiful blue-eyed girl and her Daddy picking her up out of the pac-n-play. I felt so special all day long. I enjoyed an afternoon nap on the couch, a bowl of home-made-ice-cream, and time with the two people that make my-world-go-round.

I hope your weekend was just a good as mine. I hope you showered your Mom with love. I hope you treasured the moments with loved ones. I hope you rested and relaxed. I hope your weekend made you wish it would never end.

Enjoy your Monday today.

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