Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday on our way to this wedding, Brandon and I talked about a goal for my running this month. I had been doing pretty good with walking/running combo, but I wanted to set a high goal for myself.

My goal: to run a 5K without stopping by July 1st. This morning I set out with the goal of running for 30 minutes straight. I knew if we accomplished this I would have ran over 2 miles and I would have been extremely happy with meeting this daily goal.

When we got to mile 2 I really started feeling good. My body got louse, I was standing up straight, and my stride was very comfortable. As we approached 30 mins I knew I couldn't stop, so we pushed through.

Brandon, Alivia, and I ran 38 minutes straight this morning. Accomplishing not only the goal I set for myself today, but also accomplishing my June goal. We ran a total of 3.12 miles: A 5K. I guess I need to set a new goal for the end of June.

Challenge yourself today.

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