Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mother's Love

For the nine months Alivia Nicole was inside me I had her to myself 24/7. April 4, after 30+ hours of hard labor there she was. This perfect little human with beautiful dark blue eyes and more hair than any other baby. I now have to share her with the world.

Now 3 months and 22 days later my princess is still with me most of the time. I have only left her a hand-full of times, and I like that. I have to admit I struggle sharing my little girl.

Spending all hours of my day caring for her, feeding her, changing her, making her laugh, and most importantly loving-on-her makes me happy. Watching her learn new things. Seeing her discover her hands and feet. Placing her in front to the mirror to hang out with her "best friend". Reading to her. Everything about this little human warms my heart.

I knew I would love her. I knew she would mean the world to me. I knew that she would change our lives, but never did I realize that my heart could literally survive outside of my body. I never knew the love that I could have for such a tiny-little-thing.

My hope for her is that she never goes a day without feeling loved by her father and I. No matter what decisions she makes. No matter how rough her teenage years get. No matter how long she dates that boyfriend we both don't approve of. 

I always want her to know she is loved. 

Love on your babies today.  


  1. Sweet sweet post! I will admit I am one of those helicopter parents... always hovering...I can't help it they are only little once and I want them all to myself:)

  2. What a precious post! I am guilty of hovering my little boy too. I can't help it. Its amazing how a little person can make your heart feel so full. :) I'm your newest follower and I love your blog, by the way. Your family is absolutely adorable.

  3. So so sweet Meg! I'm thinking you might have had some happy tears this week with your little girl being such a big girl! She loves you just as much back!

  4. I loved this sweet post. I have a sweet five month old baby girl. I too find it hard to share her with anyone. Have fun with your little one today!