Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yesterday this sense of being in a dungeon came over me. Our house is a mess. Not the "house" that you see when you walk in, but the house that is hidden inside the cabinets, behind doors, and the areas guests don't go too.

I get to a breaking point where I grab a big-black-trash-bag and throw everything away. So, for the past two hours I have been slaving away in the sparebedroom the-room-that-collects-everything.

My trash bag is too heavy for me to carry to the curb for trash day.

I don't understand how I can be so selfish.
My craft bins can barley close. I have more projects than I can count from school. Cards from our wedding day. More fabric than I have time to sew. Just Stuff.

Piles of Stuff. I need to get more organized.

Grab a trash-bag today.

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  1. ahhhh...weirdo alert...I LOVE THAT!! the organizing, full trash bags, pile of donations...clean and fresh...have fun!!