Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Be Thankful

Tomorrow we will be stuffing our cheeks with turkey and treats, and I wanted to take a second before the madness begins to be thankful.

Thankful for my husband, the love of my life. Thankful for my baby girl, it is hard to believe that last year on Thanksgiving night I felt her kick inside  my belly for the first time, and now she is sitting in my lap desperately trying to type on the keyboard. {Blog writing was much easier without my little helping hands}.

Thankful for family. Thankful for friends that are so close they seem like family. Thankful for my health, and the body I almost have back.

Thankful for Perry and the community that we moved to 11 months ago. Thankful for our church family, and HeBrews. Thankful for the house that keeps us warm. Thankful for the brand-spankin-new-Christmas-tree sitting neatly in its box, waiting impatiently to be unwrapped and put up! HURRY MONDAY!

There are so many things to celebrate this time of the year.

Take a few minutes and be thankful today.
Thankful for no cancer, new babies, sweet family time, new love, best friends, good food, and whatever warms your heart.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. love your list! Happy Thanksgiving friend!

  2. Can't tell you how Thankful I am for you, my beautiful Bride!! Let's rip that box open on that Christmas Tree.