Tuesday, November 8, 2011

His Lunch

Each night I get to make a turkey and cheddar sandwich with lettuce mustard, ranch, or mayo. {He likes to change things up: Even though he eats the same thing for lunch every-single-day}. Each night I get to fill water bottles, grab an apple and orange, and make sure my handsome husband's lunch is ready for the next day.

I'll be honest. I love making Brandon's lunch. I feel like it is the one thing I can do to influence his day. With each spread of the mustard I am praying over my husband. With each cheese stick, peanut butter and chocolate chip bagel, and granola bar I poor love into his lunch. I hope everyday when he opens his lunch box that my face is what he sees.

About a month ago I started writing Brandon a note to put in his lunch. Sometimes it is short-and-sweet. Sometimes it is way-too-long, and who knows if he actually takes the time to read the whole thing, but each day I end it by declaring my love for him: "I love you more than candy corn", "I love you more than a frozen chai", "I love you more than ice cream"....etc: You get the point. Simple, corny, silly, but sweet.

Today find someone to encourage.
Husband, parent, child, friend.
Make them feel special.
Write them a note.

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  1. sweet..reminds me of the Sarah McG. song " your love is better than ice cream" :) I used to leave notes in my hubs bag for work too ;)