Thursday, December 22, 2011


Sleep: is something we are re-getting used to at the Armstrong house. Alivia's sleeping patterns are getting much better these days. Although she is an early very-early-riser. She gets up around 5 everyday ready to play!
Silly girl.

Something happened this morning that has not happened for the past 8-and-a-half months of Aliva's life

I woke up before her.

Sure I woke up at 5:00 ready to play, and she kept on dreaming until 5:45.

I missed my chance to sleep-in.
Silly Momma.

Of course I took full advantage of the extra 45 minutes to-my-self. I got up, started laundry, read some of a book, and began packing everything up for the weekend.........

Scratch that, I laid in bed and played solitaire on my phone for 45 minutes straight.

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