Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today marks week 24.

According to my StrongMoms Pregnancy Planner: Alivia's face is almost completely formed, right down to her tiny eyelashes. She is growing steadily, probably gaining about 4 ounces since last week (putting her over the 1 pound mark), and she is almost a foot long (almost as long as an ear of corn). Her taste buds are continuing to develop and her lungs are under major construction. Her little kicks are starting to become not so little anymore (which I love). And every night her Papa Bear gets to feel his little baby girl dance inside my belly when we read her a bedtime story! Which is by far the best part of my day!!

I love having a little angel inside me, but we are only
112 days away from our official due date, and I honestly can't wait to see our baby girl!


  1. oh my goodness I love that you two are reading stories to miss alivia already! she is going to be literate and well-rounded before she even enters the world! that makes a future teacher oh so happy! I may need to dig a few of my fav books out for her :)

  2. karen- My parents tell me that they used to talk to me while I was still cooking...then when it was time for me to be delivered I was too excited and the doctors told my parents that they needed to get my heart rate down before they could proceed. So dad put his hand on me and began talking to me, telling me that it was gonna be okay and that he couldn't wait to meet me. My heart rate dropped almost immeadiatly. :-) Babies know their mommy and daddy's voices before they've even met!