Thursday, December 23, 2010

7 Cans

Nothing excites me more than 7 cans of paint and freshly never-been-used-before paint brushes.

Brandon and I bought our first house 2 weeks ago. This is a miracle in itself. God opened up door after door and before we knew it we were unloading boxes and putting dishes in what seemed like our 7,000 miles worth of cabinet space in our kitchen. Our kitchen...

This past Sunday we began demo on the house, nothing crazy, just simple wallpaper removal right? (so we thought...) The living room was a dream. A few squirts of water here, and little elbow grease there and we were looking at perfect walls ready for a beautiful coat of paint. I was in heaven. BUT the laundry room is a different story. A completely different story. We are talking a whole army is needed to remove 1 inch of this horrible green wallpaper... My dad, brother and myself worked on that space for 5 hours (which is like 20+ years in pregnant women time) and we are maybe half way through. This room is definitely a work in progress.

Let life happen today, but expect delays.

1 comment:

  1. I really like the floors and wainscoat trim, we had some wall issues when we bought our house as well. Hang in there and just take one wall at a time.