Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Rules

I am a designer at heart.

I wish something as simple as placing books on a bookshelf was a easy 5 minute project, but I hate to say that it's not. I contemplate where the book should go, which ones need to go together on a certain shelf, should they be horizontal or vertical, and on and on and on... There are many small tasks in my life that I spend hours thinking about... Christmas decor being one of them.

I know it may be hard to understand for some people (not-to-mention-any-names: Brandon) but I love planning out our Christmas decor. I love shopping for wrapping paper (that must match) and it is really important to me that everyone in the house loves it as much as I do! I love this time of year and looking under the tree and seeing a perfectly wrapped present ready to be given to family member warms my heart deeply. I might be crazy, but at least my craziness matches.

Design your life today.

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