Sunday, January 23, 2011

2 Favorite Things

Yesterday I wasn't feeling the best. I had a horrible headache most of the day, and I was just feeling tired and I was maybe a tad-bit-grumpy too. Honestly after working at HeBrews for Brian & Tina, Brandon and I did absolutely-nothing. We laid in bed and watched 5 episodes of Friends-- Thank you Aaron & Summer for the awesome Christmas present :).

Around 5:00 I finally forced myself to get out of bed. We filled the holes in walls and taped off all of the trim in Alivia's room--Today-is-painting-day! Brandon cooked me an omelet. I made lunch for today, and then I settled down to do what lately has been my two favorite things to do.
Prenatal Yoga & Ice Cream.
Brandon got me a prenatal yoga DVD for Christmas, and I have fallen-in-love-with-it. I try my hardest to spend at least 30 minutes daily with this video. Before this, I had-never-done yoga before. Hopefully I will continue on for the rest of my life. I feel great after doing it (even though the moves are getting harder to do as my belly grows, and I am out of breath just from standing up). AND, of course my other favorite thing to do.. eating ice cream. Does eating a bowl of ice cream counter balance the yoga session? I-think-not!

Enjoy your favorite things today.

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