Monday, January 24, 2011


This morning at 5:00AM my husband started his first day on the job solo. I was half asleep but I remember him kissing me goodbye (like he always does). Quickly, I feel back asleep. Not to long after that I hear the door open and Brandon's foot steps. He entered our room, and said "Babe, my truck won't start"....

I am sure I mumbled something to the effect of What-can-I-do? Or How can I help? But I don't really remember. He grabbed the jumper cables and headed out to see if that would fix it. Well, it didn't. At 5:51AM I received a text message saying "The jump didn't work :(".

Long story short Brandon's goal of being in Ponca City this morning by 6:00AM did not happen. He actually didn't get there until 7:45AMish. He did get the truck jumped, but to say the least it was a rocky start to his first day by himself. It could be a long day.

Life is bumpy sometimes. Enjoy the ride today.

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