Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Belly Blues

Pregnancy has definitely been an experience. I am in love with my new belly. I love watching it grow and move. I am however, not-so-in-love-with the other growing body parts. Legs, thighs, face, arms... everything seems to be expanding these days.

It is different than what I always imagined it being. Not better, Not worse, just different. Harder. Watching the number raise on the scale as each month passes is probably the hardest part of this whole experience. I am starting to feel like a walking-talking-baby-carrying walrus.

Its hard to believe that Alivia is just shy of 2 pounds yet I have packed on the pounds like I am going in to hibernation. With the weight battle going on in my mind one would think I would feel guilty about the powdered donuts, Mexican food, and cookies I inhaled yesterday, but I don't. Maybe this pregnancy has its upsides too :)

Indulge today.

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