Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shaken not Stirred--His World

Welcome to Thursdays edition of "Our world. One day at a time". I, Brandon, will be contributing on these days. I hope you enjoy, if not you can log a complaint to

So I thought to start off I would share with you a fun piece of entertainment that my family used to do when I was growing up. I actually introduced Megan to this just about a week ago. For those of you who don't know I married into a Ice Cream lovin family. So we often partake in said dairy goodness. Which often includes the best kind of ice cream, homemade. However if you don't want to make a whole gallon, here is an idea that is fun and less of a hassle.

Take one cup of milk, 2 Tbs of sugar, and a cap of vanilla extract. Pour that into a sandwich size ziploc. Then place that bag into a gallon size freezer ziploc bag along with a good portion of ice and rock salt. Once you seal up the freezer bag, set a stove or microwave timer for 5 minutes and just start shaking. This is a good way to earn your dessert after dinner. After five minutes the small sandwich bag should be frozen and ready to top with whatever toppings you would like. Let us know what creations you come up with. Also the vanilla extract can be substituted for chocolate syrup to make chocolate flavored ice cream.

Get Shakin today.

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