Monday, January 31, 2011

First Friday's

The newest addition to our blog:


We are going to start doing a give-a-way on the first Friday of each month. Sometimes we will be giving away some of my home-made goodies, other times it will relate to the special holiday found in that month, and sometimes it will just be some of Brandon and I's favorite things.

The rules are easy. Friday's post will consist of the item we are going to be giving away. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post by the end of the day Friday (Facebook comments do not count--very important). Brandon and I will randomly pick a commenter and that will be the First-Friday winner. Saturday we will announce the big winner and within 48 hours the winner will have to contact us via email to claim their prize!!

Look forward to Friday today.


  1. I'm all in!! I like winning stuff. Woo-Hoo! Who doesn't??

  2. sounds like a lot of fun!!!! :-)

  3. free homeade things are fantastic!!!

  4. I'm pretty excited about this...can I request an apron! lol!