Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fridge Art-His World

So for the last couple of months, there has been a colorful, laminated, visual aid on our refrigerator. No, it is not a colorful picture someone drew us, or a tasty recipe pulled from a magazine. It is a day by day visual description of newborn baby poop. Yes baby poop, I am pretty sure that it is also a visual guide for ROYGBIV. All the colors of the rainbow are represented.

My beautiful wife thought it would be a great way for me to get used to changing Alivia, I am so excited and ready to meet her but scared with the thought of changing dirty diapers. Which is stupid because my hands have been in some pretty nasty substances. But the thought of child feces is a stomach twister for me. I don't doubt that I will have it down in a few months but I also know there will be those that bring me to my knees. I applaud Megan for coaching me up and encouraging me with such beautiful refrigerator art, I am just not sure if I am ready to get off the bench yet.

Get your hands dirty today!!



  1. hahaha,,,good luck my friend. My daughter is 20 months and I still have not gotten use to it. I'll tell you what I don't know how such death can come out of something so cute...Just wait for those fist few days of the new pooh diapers. I wish you the best of luck. I do recommend the use of a glob of vicks under the nose because you will be the one changing the first really nasty ones, since your wife will be resting in bed. Well worth it in the long run.
    Also on a side not if the nursery asks you if you want your baby to stay in the nursery over night, they are not just doing it to be nice. They are doing it because the need a job. They freaking did not tell us we would be charged for this nice gesture they offered. It was a pretty penny that the insurance did not cover.

  2. I will admit that the idea of this didn't sit well with me at first either. But now its not a big deal, especially now that my little one is 4 days old and used to being changed.

    It was all over for me when the nurses were measuring her and my daughter grabbed my hand and seemed to recognize my voice as she calmed down. At that moment all fear of the future left and I was flooded with a feeling of love. You'll be just fine with the diapers as soon as she smiles up at you or you're able to console her in your arms.