Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Today is the day.
The day we are buying the paint for Alivia's room. This by far is the hardest decision we have had to make since we have moved into our home. I never-ever-ever thought it would be this hard to pick a paint color! Get excited! (I am sad to say that the paint will not be going for a few days. We have to finish that bathroom before we start any-other-projects).
Lowe's Here We Come!

Make the hard decisions today.


  1. Thanks Megan for joining the site. I know exactly what you mean about picking paint colors. We have lived in our house for about a year and a half and are just now getting around to painting. Almost 6 months of that was just painting samples on the walls.
    How did you come across Today's Letters? Tim is my brother and Emily my of course sister-in-law.

  2. I heard about about them a few months ago through a friend of mine. I have been following them since, came across your blog today. Sounds like an awesome project your are doing!

  3. Thank you, It is going to be a fun experience. We will take the project anywhere in the country to make a trade and potentially out of country. We are starting to get some very generous people wanting to help the project out.