Friday, January 14, 2011

Fathers & Daughters

Santa brought Brandon and I an-amazing-gift this year. A book. It is called: "Bringing up Girls" by Dr. James Dobson. So far this book has been amazing. It is full of advice and encouragement for raising little girls in this world.

The past 2 chapters I have read have been all about Fathers & Daughters. The chapters have been talking about how important a dad's role is in their little girl's life is (and how the relationship is still important when little girls "aren't-so-little-anymore").

After reading stories upon stories from women and the struggle they had/have with their fathers all I can say is my Dad is #1. He is brilliant man, who has done an amazing job leading Jeremy and I. I am so thankful God has blessed me with an amazing earthly father (and the world's best mother, but that is a different blog in itself).

I am-totally-excited for Alivia to meet her Dad. She is going to be one blessed (spoiled) little girl.

Encourage someone today.


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