Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice, Snow, and Everything Cold

Well, yesterday we did it. We got out in the freezing cold temperatures and got some work done. I was completely bundled up though. 4 pairs of pants, one long sleeve shirt, 2 hoodies, one jacket, 2 pairs of socks, and my UGGS (and my feet were still freezing).

We sat out in the back of a big coffee-smelling-truck doing inventory for a hour and 15 minutes, and it was wonderful. I got to watch my sexy-coffee-salesmen work in his Carhartt coveralls as I sat bundled up praying my feet wouldn't fall off from being frozen wrapped in 2 warm blankets.

Thank goodness for snow days today.

Aliva's 30 week update: Week 30 has brought on a few new factors! Just a few little things like leg pains and heart burn. Hope they don't stick around for too long. 10 weeks people! 70 days!

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