Friday, February 18, 2011

Write Love-Guest Blogger- The amazing Janelle Keith

Dear Alivia

I am so excited for your arrival. You have probably heard a lot of ruckus these days with mommy and daddy making their best baby preparations with painting, cleaning, and with coffee deliveries. I am pretty sure that they have made every baby decorating arrangement known to new parents. I know you probably think it’s a little excessive but still necessary so that Mommy and Daddy can be completely ready for all baby-land scenarios. Everything must be just right…because you are special.

So today I asked Mommy and Daddy if they were ready for your arrival? Mommy said “No, I don’t know if we will ever be ready”. Daddy agreed. Mommy said that she had been getting that question a lot. She sighed as she thought about her to-do list in hear head. She seemed a little weary, but Alivia don’t you worry. Mommy and Daddy will be fine.

I am not an authority on parenting by no means. In fact, I’m only a mom of two, a boy and a girl who have long since been little babies like you. Believe me they have improved the science of baby care tremendously since those days. Rest assured your parents have been educating themselves in your baby growing process. And they have had all the normal feelings of being new parents for sure…excitement, anticipation, fear, peace….all those emotions along with the physical evidence that you will be here soon.

But Alivia, how do I know that your mommy and Daddy will be ready? Because they love and because they have love written on their hearts…for you!! That is one thing that you will notice right away. With every preparation they have made for you they have made it with love. With every brush stroke on your new nursery walls, with every baby accoutrement placed, with every thought, with every prayer, they have done it or said it with love in their Mommy and Daddy hearts for you. And listen little baby girl…love is all you need. Oh yeah there will be tears and fears for sure, but love will cover a multitude of mistakes. You will be great baby and they will be great parents, because of their love for you.

Now one last thing, Jesus loves you too. And He loved you before you were even a love thought in your Mommy and Daddy’s hearts. And His love, my soon-to-be-little-bundle-of-joy, will be the real love that you will seek. For now, rest…and know that you are loved.

Write love on your heart for someone today. J

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