Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Entrepreneurial Dad-His World

Recently I read an article in a magazine, my initial reason for picking up the magazine was to read an article about Kevin Durant. As I started looking through the magazine I found a story about James E. McNellie's pub in Tulsa. I have never been to this pub but have wanted to due to others who have told me about it. Anyways the article was about the owner. Long story short, he went to school at Notre Dame and for a semester study abroad in Dublin. After graduation he decided to duplicate the pub atmosphere he experienced overseas, therefore creating McNellie's.

As I kept reading the article I found out he also has 8 other restaurants that he has created. I want to be this guy. I have always wanted to create a quaint, industrial atmosphere, wood fired pizza shack. Then come to find out this pub creating, restaurant developing, guy I am jealous of also has 3 kids. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And is only 22 years old? WHAT!!! Can't be!!

So here I sit at the age of __ peddling coffee and about to have my first child with the woman I love. Just wait, I will have that pizza shack one day. You never know you might have one of my pizzas too.

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  1. I'll be first in line for that most delish pizza! Just do it! We're hungry Brandon.

  2. I would for sure like to have some of your pizza! :-)