Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Touching My Toes

As I write this my feet are resting on a pile of pillows, the washer is running, Brandon is lounging on the other side of the couch, and the sun is shining into our house. Despite the swollen ankle issue that seems to be occurring more often than not, today has been beautiful.

I often ask myself at what point did moving around became so difficult. A few months ago touching my toes wasn't a challenge at all and now, going into my last month of being pregnant, everything is becoming a challenge.

Getting into Brandon's work truck is getting harder everyday, but nothing is going to stop me from climbing up there to spend the day with my man. I realize that my days riding carelessly around with my prince charming are coming to an end. In a few short weeks Alivia and I will be waiting for his arrival everyday at home (impatiently, I am sure). I am soaking up every-second of smelling like coffee and riding in a loud truck.

Treasure special moments today.

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