Monday, March 7, 2011

A Mess

Well, my mother would be proud to know that even though I am a married woman, some of the things that used to drive her crazy still happen to this day. Yesterday morning was not a good morning. Every little girl/ hormone crazy teenage/ and (I am hoping) grown women have experienced this. I couldn't find anything to wear. However these moments have tripled in the past 2 or 3 months as things are "just not fitting right".

The bad news is: It's not just my clothes anymore. It's also my shoes, and it absolutely horrible. Yesterday morning I tried to get my favorite pair of boots on for like 10 minutes. No matter how hard I pushed, pulled, and held my breath they would not go on my super swollen feet and ankles. It was a very sad moment.

I felt like crying for a few minutes, gathered myself like a big girl, and changed back in to the good-ol'-maternity-jeans and a button up shirt that no longer can be buttoned all the way. Brandon told me I looked adorable, I smiled, and the only thing left from the bad experience was a huge pile of clothes on the floor of our bedroom....

Blow the bad moments off today.


  1. just a few more weeks :) Brandon is right.... you are adorable! & dont worry... it doesn't matter what age you are- I am thinking ALL women go through the "I can't find anything to wear" moments... I think I do at least every other day... & I KNOW either Brooke or my mom are in my closet at least once a day... thats a pretty big range of ages! lol!!

  2. Oh my goodness! You are not the only one like this! It must be devastating not to be able to fit into your shoes!!! Shoes are always there for you! I would have cried!

  3. You are was just the pile of clothes on your bedroom floor that drove me crazy!!!! Love You!!!

  4. you got this girl! Those shoes will come and go (have Brandon go buy you a new pair that fit and are your favorite?!?! lol)