Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soggy Tuesday

Well, you probably guessed it: We went to work with B today, and let me just begin by saying the weather was horrible-and-gross. It never really rained, just misted all day long. It made for a long day traveling around Stillwater in a cold truck (it-was-totally-worth-it-though).

Tuesday's are becoming the busiest days of the week for sure. Today the alarm went off at 4:15 (which seemed way to early after my sleepless night). We are home for a few hours, then it will be back on the road to Stillwater tonight for our childbirth preparation class. We will probably roll back into town tonight around 9:30.

These long days are special and I will hold them dear to my heart in the up coming months as our world changes big time. Nothing makes my heart flutter more then catching Brandon smile at me as we drive down the road. This soggy Tuesday ended up being a pretty darn good one.

Cherish the calm before the storm today.

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