Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am a planner.

I often wonder why we try and take control of our lives so much that we leave no room for what God really has planned for us. His plan is the one that matters (That-is-easy-to-say, but hard to trust).

Someone else I know is a planner too. Mr. Armstrong. We both wish we could see everything God has in store for our growing family. We both wish to see beyond-today. Beyond-this-week. Beyond-this-year, but we can't. I think in a way the unknown is beautiful. I will admit sometimes it feels like a bad nightmare you wish you could wake up out of and discover what the tomorrow holds, but this is unrealistic.

Things we are learning this week (and everyday): Things change. Habits are broken. Time meant to be spent together is taken away. As a planner, I will admit: I like things to go as planned. So, yesterday when we received a call from Brandon's work about him needing to make an extra trip to Muskogee today (on the day we usually get to spend together) I was not a happy camper, and neither was he. At this time in my life driving in a bumpy truck for around 6 hours does not sound appealing, so I stayed home.

There are all kinds of little things that need to be done around here anyway.

Adjust today.

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