Thursday, March 24, 2011


So, I had my 37 week check up today. It was an adventure, to say the least.

My appointment was at 10:20, and I didn't leave the office until 12:00. Dr. K was called in for an emergency C-section. So, instead of rescheduling like they suggested I decided to wait around, because there was no way I was driving back to Stillwater tomorrow to see him.

2 hours in the Women's Clinic was enough for me. It is so funny, because I remember 8 months ago sitting in the waiting room with Brandon, excited for our first ultrasound, nervous about the new things that were happening in our lives. I remember looking at the big 9 month pregnant women, jealous of how cute their belly was... oh how the tables have turned.

I am now the huge 9 month pregnant woman. Lucky me.

One thing I am ready for: Not having to pee in a cup every week. That-will-be-awesome!

Enjoy your adventure today.

Mr. Armstrong has had a crazy week. There will probably be no: His World this week. He is such a busy bee right now! Happy Thursday everyone!

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