Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things to Remember

So, let me begin by saying: I didn't blog yesterday. This pregnant woman was exhausted after a long-but-wonderful-day-with-her-husband. I couldn't even gather up the strength to type a few words on the computer. Hopefully the rest of the week will allow me to keep posting!

Yesterday, I was riding around in the truck with Brandon. There were several moments throughout the day that I felt very emotional. The simplest thought would cause me to tear up. I kept thinking about everything that is going to change in the next few weeks. Good change.

I was wondering if I would always remember the feeling of my baby girl kicking inside my belly. Or will it be something that when I look I can't remember exactly how it felt. Over the past 9 months this little thing has been growing inside me. I can't help but to remember the moment Brandon and I saw Alivia for the first time, when she was so tiny we could barely see her on the ultrasound monitor. I remember very vividly Thanksgiving night feeling her move for the first time. I remember seeing her move for the first time on Christmas morning.

I hope and pray that these memories last. That I can forever remember the simple details of my baby's journey into this world.

Remember today.

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