Thursday, March 17, 2011

Walks & Squats-His World

So here we are sitting at 36 weeks, one more childbirth class to go, already been preadmitted to the hospital, got the car seat, room is ready, now just have to wait.
Many times I have wondered, what will that moment be like when Megan goes into labor or her water breaks. Will it be like in the movies when everyone gets frantic, or will I need to break out the Sham-Wow to clean up the womb juice?
However it happens I know it is getting closer. One way we have learned to help progress labor is by going on consistent walks, this is something we have been doing on and off for a while now (except when it was -30 degrees outside). Also Megan can do squats to help Alivia get into the right position and to get lower. I will soon post a pic of her doing squats!!
Speaking of walks, headed out the door now!!
Go for a walk today!!

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