Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 5

This weekend was much needed. Just some quality time with my handsome husband. We are now under 3 weeks until the big day and excitement is in the air. At any moment I feel like I could just pop this little girl out. Here is a list of my top favorite things from the weekend:

one: Seeing Sarah, Jace, Mom, and Dad on Friday night (Great way to kick-off the weekend).

two: Watching Brandon get excited every time we go check on our asparagus growing in the backyard and more are sprouting.

three: Finishing up things in Alivia's room (Brandon says we are 100% done, I however believe I will never be able to say that. We are close though).

four: Opening every window in the house and enjoying the warm afternoon breeze while we napped yesterday.

five: Trying to plan our last little get-a-way before our lives are forever changed. Hopefully Alivia can wait until next week. I want some alone time with her daddy this weekend!

Yesterday two girls I know went into labor and had their babies. I would be lying if I said I wasn't just a little-bit-jealous. I know our time is coming though, and I am soaking up my time with Mr. Armstrong because I know things will never be the same...

Cherish the little things today.

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