Friday, March 18, 2011

88 Degrees

Yesterday-was-beautiful. Hitting the high of 88 degrees it was on the verge of being too hot in our house. We had all the windows open and every fan blowing. The house smelled like spring, and I even enjoyed an afternoon nap. It was the perfect day off.

Brandon and I discussed something very important yesterday while trimming the rose bushes. We were both sweating from the afternoon sun, I was having a hard time bending over, and my feet and hands were so swollen from the heat - it was horrible.

We have decided that all of our babies need to be early spring babies. There is no-way-on-earth that I would want to face the summer months being pregnant. I couldn't imagine how miserable I would be with a child in my stomach at 110 degrees. Hopefully God has the same plan.

Well, here it is: The day we all have been waiting for - Friday. The weekend is just a few hours away.

Enjoy today.

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  1. I'm thinking you could handle a summer baby....I did:) Can't wait to see you guys tonight!! Love Ya!!!