Thursday, March 3, 2011

"What is Childbirth?"-His World

This week Meg and I had the great experience of starting a weekly childbirth class. Let's just say it is going to be an experience. First of all it started at 7pm and runs until about 8:30/45ish, yeah I know that is not late but understand too that Meg and I had been up since 4am and put in 100+ miles, but that is besides the point.

After learning about the babies natural positioning, kegals and changes to the woman's body, we participated in a stomach breathing exercise(why in the world would you tell a room full of pregnant women to focus on making their bodies heavier!!! Seriously!!). Finally a break, but before the break we were asked to write down on a sticky note "What is Childbirth?" What? This is a room full of childbirth virgins, how do we answer that. Second of all 50% of the room will never know....because we don't have a uterus!! Anyways like I said this will be an experience, I hope Alivia is enjoying it, who am I kidding she is probably sleeping through it.

Next week: A live birth Video!!! JOY!!

Take deep breaths Today!!

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