Friday, March 4, 2011

First Fridays- March

Okay everyone! It is that time again! It is the first friday in march and it is time for another give-a-way! This month Brandon and I decided to give-a-way a Scentsy! We received 3 for Chirstmas (we have decided that we must stink really bad or something), and we wanted to share the smelly goodness! There are 4 options to choose from. Have your pick:

#1. Bloom Plug-In
#2 Groovy Rustic Plug In
#3 Taro Plug In #4 Weave Green Plug In If you are interested in looking at more designs check out my cousins website here. She would be glad to help you out in anyway!
So, if you are interested in winning a free scentsy the rules are very simple. Check out this post for all of the rules, but all you have to do is comment on this blog (remember Facebook comments do not count!) before midnight tonight. Tomorrow Brandon and I will pick a winner and they will have 48 hours to contact us at via email!
**Remember if you become a follower of the blog this week and you comment on this post you will be entered into the drawing twice**
So, just tell me which scentsy you like and what your favorite smell is! Happy give-a-way people!
Win something today.


  1. Oh, I like #3 the Taro Plug In! Put my name in the hat for the drawing!!

  2. My favorite smell is vanilla and cinnamon!!!and #3 also! I'm also thinking the smell of a baby is pretty grand also!!

  3. I like #3. My favorite scent is eskimo kiss or home sweet home.

  4. I like #1 or #3. My favorite smells are Mulberry Bush and Welcome Home.

  5. I love the Taro Plug-In. My favorite smell is the lilac bloom. It smells just like spring :) Love ya'll blog! Can't wait to see you little one :)

  6. #3 Taro is super cute! We got #4 for Christmas :o)
    Anything that smells like clean linens is my favorite!

    Cute idea!