Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What is Marriage?

Today is my Mom and Dad's 26th wedding anniversary. I am positive that they could define marriage way better than I could, because for Brandon and I it has just been {almost} 2 years. We are still learning everyday what a good marriage involves (and I have a feeling that we will be learning for many years to come).

Over the past 22 years (the years I have been around to witness) my parents have set an amazing-example in their marriage for my brother and I. Sure, they have/had their disagreements, but I believe that is a healthy part of marriage. Challenging moments that in the end only bring 2 people closer together.

Marriage is complicated. It is learning how to hold hands and fight at the same time. It is learning how to love even when your partner is doing the most annoying thing ever (beat-boxing is just one example in our house). It is putting aside your differences. It is a never-ending-pursuit. It is hard. It is a challenge. It is difficult, but so rewarding. It is learning how to let things go (like loading the dish washer a certain way {I am now just thankful the dish washer has been loaded for me}). It is taking walks. Showing love. Spending time together. Being intimate. It is not perfect, but that's what makes it beautiful... Marriage is complicated.

Pursue the one you love today.

Congrats Mom and Dad! Love you both!


  1. Love your blog today :) & love your parents! They are great examples for Jeremy & I as well! Love how you mentioned the dish washer lol... Jeremy has had to look past my disorganized loading too, however, I am sure I don't have to tell you his "ways" as you being his sister lol! (shower head to mention one ;-) )Love him no matter what though & so thankful he loves me despite my ways sometimes too! You & Brandon are going to be great examples for Alivia & your other future kiddos! Love you guys!

  2. Thnaks Squirt:)
    It has been a fun 26 years and looking forward to the next 26+ years with your wonderful father (my loving husband)!!!!

  3. Just noticed that I commented on Scott's name lol :) He was using my computer yesterday & must have forgotten to sign out!

  4. I figured it was you :) Hope you guys are having a good week! Sorry we couldn't get together.