Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today is a special day for our little blog.

Today is the 100th post!

So, to celebrate I am going to keep it short and simple. Today is going to be full of good times, love, and waiting.

Good times=gardening with my husband, walking to the snowcone stand down the street from our house (this will be our 1st-snowcone-of-the-season), watching my belly move like crazy, soaking up the (hopefully) last childless Saturday Brandon and I will have together, and lastly spending some time with my parents in Stillwater tonight.

Love=eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the love of my life, doing laundry together, working on the last little project for Alivia's room, dancing in our kitchen, and holding hands all day long.

Waiting=staying as patient as possible today with all of the aches and pains my body is beginning to feel, walking even though my ankles are almost the size of my double-the-usual-size-of-thighs, bouncing on my exercise ball every chance I get, and praying my little girl isn't becoming the size of a baby elephant in there.

Experience good times today.

Love today.

Wait today.

Happy 100th post / Happy Saturday everyone!

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