Friday, April 1, 2011


Well, to say the least I have dropped the ball on the blog this month. Skipping days, Brandon not being able to write on Thrusdays, and now I am sad to say: No First Friday this month. Maybe it is our way of preparing-for-childbirth.

Things have just been out of control. I feel like I am stuck. Stuck with this baby inside me, stuck sitting on the couch instead of getting up and doing something, stuck with no shoes on because it is so hard to put them on.

Last night I am pretty sure I got four hours of sleep (if that). My mind was racing. I couldn’t stop thinking about Alivia, the blog, Brandon, and his job. It might be my body preparing me for the lack of sleep that is going to take over my life here in (hopefully) a few short days or it might just be my mind trying to figure everything out when it is not my place.

All I know is that our world is turned upside down, and I am becoming very impatient with the little girl inside of me. I know she will come on her on time, but I am pretty sure we have to be getting close. I can’t imagine being stuck here for much longer.

Get unstuck today.

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