Monday, April 11, 2011

The New Normal

One week ago my little girl entered this world. Now, after being home for almost a full week our normal (to say the least) has changed.

Today is Brandon's first day back to work, and this morning when I heard the big coffee truck pulling away from the house my heart broke. I have enjoyed so much getting to know my husband as Alivia's father this past week.

Our new normal does not involve: sleeping, eating, bathing, or anything else in a timely manner. It does not involve: quick trips out of the house, less laundry, or silent moments.

However, our new normal does involve something so much better - A little 7lb 11oz baby girl that interrupts our sleeping, eating, and bathing schedule for her more important sleeping, eating, and bathing schedule. I am in love with our new normal.

Adapt today.

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