Tuesday, April 12, 2011

B & B

Blogging with a Baby: Blogging is something that I have grown to love within the past couple of months. I love sharing our journey through words for all to read. Even if my crowd is small, I still enjoy expressing myself each day through a few short paragraphs. The past couple weeks have been a struggle for me to stay on top of the goal that I set for myself and this blog. My desire was to write daily. Now that our lives have been blessed with Alivia Nicole I have a feeling that reaching my goal is going to 10 times harder than it was before. The days are passing with a blink of an eye, afternoons are here before we know it, bed time is right around the corner all day long. Despite how hard it may be: I will try to fulfil the goal I have set for myself...
Multi-task today.

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