Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Weekend Away

This weekend was a first for the three of us. Saturday we packed up what-seemed-to-be our whole house and went to OKC for the night. Brandon participated in the OKC Memorial Marathon Relay on Sunday.

Saturday we spent the day as a family. Walking around Perry's Spring Fest before we left for OKC. That afternoon we spent a lot of time at the race Expo. Our little girl was such a trooper, spending hours in her car seat and not making a peep. Saturday night I got to meet Brandon's fellow employees and eat at an amazing Italian restaurant in Bricktown.

Bright and early Sunday morning we got around and made our way down to the start line. Alivia had her "G0-Papa-Bear" shirt on and we were hoping the rain wouldn't last long. Unfortunately the weather did not subside, it got worse. Grams and I were a pair with our two strollers in the freezing rain. We tried to see Sarah finish her first-half-marathon, but the rain came harder and the kiddos just couldn't handle it.

Both, Papa Bear's team and Sarah did amazing! We were so proud of them both.

To say the least I am ready to get my running shoes on soon. Watching people accomplish their goals in the mist of the worst weather conditions was so inspiring! Hopefully Alivia will be up to putting in some miles with her Momma! I see a race in our future!

Get motivated today.


  1. That is so exciting! Pat and I did a relay too! Wish we would have known y'all were there! The weather was horrible, but the race was fabulous! Glad you got a little weekend away though. I am sure Miss Alivia would love to get running with you, it will come faster than you think! You can do it!

  2. You can do it...I know you can! Maybe I will lace up my running shoes here real soon and you and Alivia can jog by so I can join you!!!

  3. I will stand at the finish line and cheer for you!!